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Custom Friendship Purse


Meet the traditional Lightship Basket Friendship Purse. Handwoven from top and bottom, this stunning purse features a handmade base and top plate, complemented by a wooden handle.

These are made to order and available in various woods and sizing options, please contact us to discuss a custom order.


・3-6 Months

・Signed and dated by artist

Care Instructions

While we standby the quality of our handmade products, they are made of natural materials so will not tolerate chemicals such a perfumes/lotions or water/moisture.  Make sure to store your bracelet and basket in a safe, dry place.  If you do happen to get a small amount of water on the product, wipe clean with a dry,clean cloth.  Rattan (the weaving material) will naturally darken with age, so expect your basket/bracelet to mature into a darker brown over the years.