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Nantucket Bracelet Natural Woven Cuff with Black Stave - 1/4"

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Scrimshaw End Cap Design

This classic cuff is woven with natural-finish rattan around a hand-carved black stave and an adjustable brass cuff and sprayed with a coat of finish to seal and protect. The end caps are hand-carved from fossilized walrus or woolly mammoth ivory.

Note: With a scrimshaw design, endcaps will be white. Otherwise, endcaps will be as pictured.




・White fossilized walrus or woolly mammoth ivory.

Care Instructions

While we standby the quality of our handmade products, they are made of natural materials so will not tolerate chemicals such a perfumes/lotions or water/moisture.  Make sure to store your bracelet and basket in a safe, dry place.  If you do happen to get a small amount of water on the product, wipe clean with a dry,clean cloth.  Rattan (the weaving material) will naturally darken with age, so expect your basket/bracelet to mature into a darker brown over the years.


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